In the room there is the preparation of a Mola Olearia, is commonly identified with a simple preparation consisting of a circular base of fixed concave stone, with the center of a vertical pole able to rotate on itself. The stone grindstone inside the tank is crossed by a horizontal axis. A pack animal pushes the end of the horizontal axis and the whole mechanism starts: the wheel rotates on itself and around the pole, grinding the olives inside the tank. It represents one of the first examples of mechanization of the oil production process starting from olives.

The oldest system was the stone grindstone. The process was entrusted to the molazza, a large circular millstone, which was used to crush the olives and prepare the pasta for the braid. It was driven by a pack animal, the donkey, yoked to a bar that, turning in a circle, made it move inside the tank where the olives were crushed.