It is an area of the Museum aimed at making known the ancient tools and tools for the processing of olives and for the production of oil. The room contains ancient tools, a series of funnels used for the transfer of oil, tin containers used in public retail sale, saws used in agriculture for pruning the olive tree. The environments are enriched with illustrations that show the description of the growth cycle of the olives and of the main varieties produced in the area, in which each one is characterized by particular properties.

CAFISI (pitcher used as a unit of measurement for oil) Qafiz (Arabic: قفيز) or Cafiz is a traditional Arabic volume measure. Libya is still used in at least one country to measure the amount of olive oil. In Libya it measures approximately 7 liters. A measure derived from it the cafisu, cafiso or caffiso is still used in Malta, Calabria and Sicily and is also used for olive oil, generally has a capacity of 16-17 liters.

In particular, in the Etna area of Sicily, the oil cafiso is equivalent to 16 kilos, since in this territory the oil is traditionally measured in units of weight rather than in units of volume.