In this room of the Museum some traditional instruments used for the collection and processing of olives are on display. Inside we find the ancient sprayer for verdigris used to spray olive trees; copper tubs used to transfer the olives into the mill; the balance scale, a particular balance poised used to weigh the olives; the single-scale balance scales of Roman origin; containers used as a unit of measurement for oil and other tools that were used by the workers of the ancient mills. In addition, the use of pomace (by-product of the extraction process of olive oil, composed of peels, residues of pulp and fragments of pits) is used as fuel especially during the last war. It is used in the brazier, common in ancient Rome, to heat the interiors. While the nocciolino is used inside the Oleificio Gabro to heat the water used for the kneading.
This is a shoulder machine used to spray olive trees with antiparasitic solutions. Verdigris (copper sulfate) is used in agriculture as an antiparasitic.