PARTICOLARE i doni dell'olivoThe olive tree has always been generous with man. In the showcases set up inside this room, are present objects of the period that describe what has been the oil for the Mediterranean civilizations since ancient times. In fact they have found advantageous the use of this natural element, not only in the food field as a condiment, but also as a source of heat through the copper warmer used to heat the bed and blankets before going to bed; the iron to stretch the fabrics. Find application as ointment especially in ancient Egypt for the properties of cleaning up and healing wounds; as a medicinal product for curative properties, used alone or in composition with other substances. Still its wood is very difficult to carve and easier to polish is used to compose furniture, tools and statues; Olive oil, if well filtered, is an excellent fuel because the lamp was the most common means of lighting.

Seasoning jugs used at the table to dress the dishes. Since olive oil is the condiment par excellence of the Mediterranean diet it was consumed daily. Rich in “good” fats, it favors the substitution of cholesterol present in the blood, which causes infarcts and obstructions. Its positive health effects have been passed down through history.