In the East of Cassano, the ancient Cossa degli Enotri, there is a vast terrace overlooking the sea, from which it is about 12 km, as the crow flies, and on which it rises about 250 meters above sea level.From this you can admire the arch, formed by the coastline of the Gulf of Sybaris where there is a town that overlooks the plain, furrowed by the Coscile. This inhabited center is called LAUROPOLI, founded by the Duchess of Cassano Allo Ionio, Laura Serra, on 2 November 1763. The original village stands on two intersecting lines forming a cross. At its origins, it was a rural village, developed around the patronal building and populated by people, made to flow from different locations. Laura Serra (born in Portici), had a strong character and was willing to populate her village, in fact had already assigned and continued to be available to allocate building land, for free. The main economic activity was agricultural, with good propensity for fruit and vegetables and nursery. In fact, olive oil has always been a characteristic element of gastronomy. The fraction therefore preserves, among the few Calabrian realities, ancient traditions. After 1783, the Duchess Laura Serra lived permanently in Lauropoli, her contribution was precious to the development of the territory.